How to grow a weed plant, germinate a seed without killing it.

how to grow weed from seed

Growing from seed is considered the holy grail for all pot growers. Like they say, “if you cant grow from seed you can’t grow”.

What does that mean?

Let’s keep it 100, you won’t get respect in the growing game.

How to grow a weed plant from seed. In other words how to germinate a seed.

Seems like common sense, throw a seed in the ground and let it grow. However, we all know it doesn’t quite work that way.

Call it a green thumb or good energy or what have you. However if you ain’t got it or if you don’t learn to calm yourself enough to respect the plant and it’s needs you wont be smoking bud from her.

Well, at least not quality bud that is.

A fool proof method that works for me.

Ok, I admit it, many times my seeds didn’t take. That is, until a master grower taught me to take it easy and keep it old school. You know them Cali OG’s always got a method to their madness.

Of course always respect and listen to the OG’s maybe then you will learn something.

Forget about damp paper towels

Of course there is this method however it’s faulty and requires a lot of attention in dry climates.

Just think about what is going to happen if the paper towel dries out too fast.

Goodbye genetics.

Dunking the seeds in water

Definitely a method I have yet to try. Go ahead and give it a try if you please.

Ok, without further due. Here is the BongRips.ORG method to sowing your cannabis seeds.

But first

Let’s start with what you WILL need.

Obviously, before you send me a bunch of hate mail I’m not saying you can’t grow without these things but it will make your life easier and your success WILL go up.

  1. ph pen

  2. well water, non chlorinated, non fluoridated water.

  3. Premium potting soil

  4. Soil from your garden (especially important if your premium potting soil is already hot)

    Hot means it’s rich in nutrients and can possibly burn seedlings or even mature plants.

  5. Earthworm Castings

  6. Some sort of container for your seedling

Step 1. Start by Mixing your soil (your cut)

Since premium potting soil is very rich in nutrients and especially if it’s formulated for cannabis what you do is cut it.

Cutting it with good soil with micro organisms from around your area can help with pest control.

My cut is 50% premium soil and 50% California Bay Area Clay Soil.

Once your soil is diluted you are ready to water your soil and ensure proper soil ph.

Step 2. Adjust the Ph of your water

Measure the ph of your water with your ph meter.

Keep the water between 6.0 to 6.5

Adjust your ph appropriately

If ph is too low, add Baking Soda until it PH’s at the appropriate ph

Ph is high? Add vinegar until you hit the appropriate ph.

Step 3. Water your soil and prepare to sow your seed.

Gently make a hole with your finger in the soil now insert the seed and cover the hole.

Step 4. VERY IMPORTANT Place the seed in a partially shaded area.

We understand, you may be tempted to accelerate the seed growth, be patient. Do not leave you seedling in direct sunlight. Of all the step this is where you could definitely go wrong if you get too excited. The key is to slowly introduce your seedings to direct light.

Step 5. That’s it, if you did it right within a week or so you should get a sprout.

Slowly introduce your babies to the direct sunlight (I suggest about 2 weeks)

Other methods that work for some.

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