Lemon Banana Sherbet Strain review

Lemon Sherbet was enjoyable but then it put me to sleep 🤣

This particular cannabis was acquired from a local san francisco dispensary.

Important to note, looks like well grown sun grown cannabis.

What’s in it?

Lemon Skunk and Banana Sherbet were Bred by Crockett Family, the outcome?

They created a zesty pungent cannabis that smells similar to jack herer.

What’s it smell like?

Smells like Jack Herer, a citrusy and pungent soapy smell abounds and emanates as soon as you crack the jar seal.

In addition to this an after smell of banana is noticeable.Stank danky this weed definitely is.

Please don’t carry this around in a non legal state.

Hows it feel tho?

Relaxing and tiring as it wears out. This particular bud will have you feeling good but then slowly rock you to a sleepy finish.

Your eyedlids will begin feeling heavy and slowly but surely it will take over you.

Haha or maybe that was just me cause I was tired so who knows.

However it’s important to note the buds were quite dense so indica leaning is suspected for sure.

(Yeah yeah I know it could have been harvested late)

Heavy headed, lazy bodied

A motherly thc and terpene concotion she makes

your head and eyes feel, heavy with pronounced

feelings of heavy ness on the top sides of the head.

About 3 inches away from my ear in my case.


This flower tested at 34.2 % thc and 0 cbd and you can tell.

Lemon Banana Sherbet gets the job done, just 1 rip in and the effect will be there.

With just 1 rip the dome felt heavy like my fat ass next door neighbor.


Smell 4.3

Effect 4.2

Bag appeal 4.2

While you’re here read up on Blue Biscotti another top notch ear ringing creating dank is the mac 1 strain.

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