How to grind a nug of weed for the smoothest hit

how to grind a nug of weed

Grind up a nug of weed for ultimate smooth smoke.

Step 1. Select a nug of weed

Grind up a nug of weed the right way, ensure the flower has been properly trimmed and free of leaf material.

Also, make sure your nug is dried and properly cured.

An uncured nug of weed will taste grassy or have a hay smell to it.

Wet cannabis flowers will feel chewy in the grinder leave leafy residue all over your grinder and will not burn to a white ash.

Step 2. De-Stem your cannabis flower

Ensure you separate the stem from the flower material.

Of course, if you are hard headed and do not de stem your bud your smoke will be a lot more harsh.

The stem is the main stalk like material that runs through the middle of the flower.

Separate the largest stalks rights off the bat and get as much of the stalk as you can.

Remove Seeds

Seeds make for nasty tasting smoke, you may get a slight popcorn like smell if you have them.

Obviously this isn’t what we want so if you have any indication of seeds ensure you remove all seeds.

Step 3. Feed your flower to the grinder

By now you should have a grinder.

However if you don’t you should probably buy one.

Why? Without a grinder your leaving a lot of thc unexposed to the flame. As you may know for cannabis thc to become active it needs to be put to flame.

Help out the decarboxylation process.

When you grind up your nugget you expose more surface area to flame. Heat is needed to activate the thc in the flower. The process is called decarboxylation. Get it?

Step 4. Now it’s time to feed the weed.

Take the broken down flower and stuff the grinder evenly.

Don’t overload your grinder. Grind your weed to your desired thickness.


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