SG Ak-47 Strain Review

Without a doubt, ak-47 is a hard hitting strain.

But apparently they mixed this with sour grape to create a dope strain.

What’s in it?

Ak47 obviously, and SG.

Apparently Redwood Roots masterfully crafted this shit however, did the research but guess what?

They had no info on their website about this strain. However , im assuming Sg is sour grape.

Feels, Heavy eyed and Feelings of euphoria abound.

Heavy eyed just the way we like em. Heavy eyed and even the top of the brow area feels activated and sedated.

You gotta keep em separated

Sg ak47 feels like

Head high all over the place.

Pretend they beat you with a cushioned butt stock by the eye sockets but it didn’t cause trauma.

So now you just feel disoriented and a bit confused but you’ve never felt more alive. Yeah that’s sg ak47.

Feelings of numbness above the ears back of the head and brows.

Whats it smell like?



My allergies are acting up thats all for now ok 🤣🤣

Final rating

Effect 4.5

Smell 4.0

Bag appeal 4.0

Notes: this weed looks like some sungrown hence the bag appeal rating is not going to be as high.

A score of 4 is not bad however a 5 would be almost total frost.

Some strains don’t need to look like a diamonds to be hard hitting lets be honest.

If you are more of a candy guy try Runtz

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