How to smoke weed like a boss: Cali Style Methods to get high a.f

Classic ass ways to get higher than giraffe nuts


Joint –  Also referred to as a J, or paper plane

Don’t know how to roll one? Learn how to roll, the easy way.

Please do not call it a blunt.  It’s certainty not a blunt.  Some are made from hemp paper while some are made from who knows what

but it almost tastes like paper.  Simply put, just stay way from those.

There are way better alternatives.


Here are some of my favorites


element papers

Element long papers made of rice paper are my staple

Burn is very clean and the taste is almost sweet very very very subtle.   A great go to as they are available at most smoke shops.  Soon you will be able to buy them here at our online store.

Try these new flaxseed papers

Check this out, the other day I was at local smoke shop and the dude really put me up on game.   He suggested the new OCB’s which are made of flaxseed, the papers come in a yellow package.

I’ll take a picture for you guys later,


Yes i’ll admit, I’m medicated a.f right now (off some heavy ass 9lb hammer hit with a healthy dose of blonde kief from gelato41 and some other exotic shit) and way too lazy to get off my ass and take a brand new picture.

Don’t lie, we have all been there.

It burns sooo clean

Anyways thats beside the point, the paper burns clean a.f.    As long as you have good herb you will get nothing but white ash.

But hey! Don’t slide with some uncured, un flushed, wet tree and expect to get white ash, jeez the paper has its limit.

Cool tip:  If your weed is a bit meh, i’d suggest skipping the joint and  using a water pipe.  Use some hemp wick to really get flame on your weed to ensure the best burn.


Still an old school zig zag guy?

Listen i’m not gonna bad talk a company (Product) who has put so many smiles on peoples faces but if you are looking for something a bit less harsh give these other alternatives a try.  It may surprise you.


Good ol water pipe


This is the my staple and should be any stoners staple.  As far as dry flower goes, nothing beats the taste and rush of a nice clean ice cold rip.  Oh baby I can taste it now.  That lemon fuel taste of a OG just poppin at you.

The purple berry taste on the gdp yum!


Don’t know how to smoke a bong?
lol , here go here


As a matter of fact this is where you should start as a beginner , Why?

because often rookies simply don’t know how to inhale off a joint.



  • Efficient, a bit of flower will go along way in a bowl.
  • Water cools the smoke
  • Less harsh hits
  • Ability to cool smoke with ice.
  • Big hits of thc


  • Can be messy
  • Glass water pipes break


backwoods cigar irish cream

Tobacco Wraps. Backwoods

Before the hate mail comes, tobacco is bad for you.  Yes we all know that however sometimes we just want to indulge just a little bit.  The buzz it gives you combined with the cannabis is second to none.

Some folks have a bit of a hard time rolling backwoods but it’s really not as hard as it seems.  Instead of cutting it like a blunt you simply unroll it.

Keep in mind these are tobacco and are very hash when smoked completely.  Try cutting some tobacco to reduce the size of the backwood while still retaining the taste of the cannabis.



  • Taste
  • Get’s you very high
  • Great at breaking tolerance
  • Burns great even in windy conditions


  • It’s tobacco 🙁

Learn how to roll a ‘wood, coming soon




A blunt is similar to a joint but is usually a hollowed out cigar.  Again, not encouraging people to go out and smoke, simply providing the information here.

These Dutch Master La Palmas are also known as vanilla dutchies are delicious and surprisingly smooth.



  • Taste
  • Get’s you very high
  • Great at breaking tolerance
  • Burns great even in windy conditions


  • It’s tobacco 🙁

Learn how to roll a blunt, coming soon


Hand Pipe, glass pipe or wood


I’m gonna be honest this is my least favorite method of smoking dank however sometimes it’s the best method for the situation.



  • Easy to conceal
  • Thrifty, you wont go through as much weed


  • Hot smoke, makes hits more harsh

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