How to make Bubble Hash

Making bubble hash is not as complicated as it sounds.

And before you ask, it’s called bubble hash because your higher grade shit should bubble when lit to flame.

If it doesn’t you beat up the hash too violently and so now theres a lot of plant matter in your hashish.

All it is is beating up the weed with a stick but not too bad then straining it.

Materials needed to make ice hashish.

  • Ice cold water
  • (2) 5 gallon buckets.
  • A big bag of ice
  • A wooden paddle, or spoon or something else to mix with. Even a stick works.
  • Bubble hash bags
  • At least a few ounces of trim, budlets or other herb material with trichomes.
The higher number goes on top. (No zen hydro did not pay me shit)

Insert your bags into a 5 gallon bucket.

Make sure they are in order. Obviously the more coarse the grade (higher micron number) should be at the top.

The finest screen should be the last one. (Thats gonna be your highest grade)

Prepare to add the ice, green material and water.

Add the ice to the bags

Add about a 3 inch layer.

Add your green material.

Add trim, budlets or revegging buds like me.

If you jump the gun and plant a plant too soon outdoors it may bud and then revegetate. In this case it’s best to cut most buds and make hash out of them.

Your plant will revegetate and bloom again in the fall.

Add water

Fill about 2 gallons of water or enough to cover the ice and green.

Agitate for 15 minutes.

Agitate it but dont be too violent. Try and be like a washing machine.

Pull the first bag and put it in the other bucket.

You dont need an image for this if you do you have smoked too much herb.

Drain the bags slowly, pretend you are gold panning in a river.

Now pull out each bag 1 by one and scrape your treasure.

Place the undried hash on wax paper

Cut different pieces of paper for the different grades.

Now let it dry and go ahead and smoke it.

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Different Weeds Produce different hash.

Indeed, believe it or not some weed will produce dark harsh and some will be blonde like your ex girlfriend.

Indeed strains like Oreo Cookies, Fatso, Biscotti, ak47 , Lemon Banana Sherbet , Watermelon Punch

In fact they are can so different they may require different size screens.

Yes indeed weed is that bad ass and hash is beautiful and smells amazing.

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