Yolo Berry JEF Brand Strain Review

Whats yolo berry?

Cross of GDP, OG Kush and Gelato.

Hows it feel?

To be honest with you it was well balanced however

the grower who produced this did a terrible job. The cure is completely fucked.

Cant grade this cannabis because the quality is so low there is no way this is a fair shake to the strain or breeder. No disrespect!

The smell

This particular bud had no smell and more of a plant hay smell when you smelled the jar.

Has a berry smell when ground.

The verdict

This seems like a promising cross but quality was piss poor.

Last time trimed some other weed from this producer and while it wasnt super loud once smoked the effects were good.

Buy this weed if you are a total newbie with low tolerance but avoid like the plague if you are an experienced used.

Simply put this shit sucks , sure it wA 25 bucks but even the sungrown cannabis should be grown properly.

No excuse to give the people a crap prpduct which is easily outdone by almost ANY backyard grower.


Effect 3/5

Smell 2.5/5

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