Weed Ashtray, Easy Cash, Cannabis Glashtray

The glashtray is simple but effective.

Hey fellas, let me tell you the story of how I met the inventor of the glashtray.

It was 2016 and went to my first cannabis cup in daly city ca.

Out of nowhere a friendly dude becons me over for a demo. Dude has cool vibes we exchanged information and the rest is history.

Recommended by celebrity Baby Bash,

Bash your pipe or bowl against the ball, bam! done.

So cool even Baby Bash has his own version called the bash tray.

How does it work?

  1. Bash your pipe against the ball in the center of the ashtray.
  2. As long as your weed is dry and cured all ash will fall out.
  3. Repack and get high!

Comes in different colors.

weed ashtray

How to get one

Well the homie closed down his website but if you want one fill out the form below.

Well send you a paypal invoice and you will receive a glashtray.