How to take bong rips an easy guide for total squares.

What the hell are bong rips?

Simple.. the act of inhaling cannabis fumes by combusting cannabis flower on a water pipe.

Think of a bong rip as the equivalent of a liquor “shot”.

Indeed a lot of THC in one rip, BRRRPLP

The obvious advantage to a bong or water pipe is volume. A water pipe will be able to hold a lot more smoke in it’s chamber all the whilst “filtering” the smoke.

Does it make a difference?

Of course it does, a bong rip from a water pipe with an ash catcher and good percolator will indeed provide a flavorful but less harsh end product.

bong rips from a water pipe with a percolation system are amazing

Get Ready to learn how to use a bong!

  1. Grind up your weed. You can use your hands or scissors to rip it apart, that being said a real weed grinder or coffee grinder are the best choice.

    ground up weed ready for some bong rips

    But bong rips dot ORG why is a grinder the best?

    In short, because it exposes the thc (the most psychoactive component in cannabis) to the flame more readily.

  2. Light pack your bowl, do not stuff too tightly or your bong will not “hit”. Do not completely cover the hole in the middle to avoid the situation mentioned above.a glass bowl of weed ready for some bong rips
  3. Light flame to the bowl you can use a lighter or a wick. A natural hemp wick will enable you to get the flame right on the cannabis for deep combustion without inhaling a shit ton of butane from your lighter. No doubt your bong rips will be milkier and a bowl with a wick
  4. While inhaling make sure you light flame to the flower product thoroughly to avoid green spots.
  5. Check out the the tube and take into account how much smoke is filling the chamber and how dense it is.
  6. Once you are ready to take the hit pull the stem of your bowl from your water pipe. This will allow air to rush in.
  7. Finally the smoke will billow into your lungs.
  8. This should be the end result