5 ways to DESTROY stress, Exploit Cannabis for stress relief.

beat stress with cannabis


5 easy tips to beat stress with some dank


Cannabis for stress you hear about it all the time but if you toke too much you may do the opposite.  Stress is deadly, take is serious and employ these easy techniques to combat it.

Combine these activities to avoid burn out.  However, before you go any further, consult with your physician before starting any exercise program.


Smoke some weed and go for a hike

Interestingly enough, Cannabis really enables you to focus on each and every step.   Without a doubt the herb helps you power through those steep hikes.  In fact when you finally reach the summit or your destination a bit of herb will sure help you appreciate the beauty of your new found place.



Smoke tree and do Yoga


Are you an anxious person? If your answer is yes then Yoga is just for you.  In fact a bit of cannabis will help you focus and hold poses.

Combine the heavy breathing exercises of yoga with the muscle relaxing properties of cannabis and you have a great combination for stress relief.


Focus on that pose


The ability to focus on a particular pose without interruption is a great benefit to consuming cannabis before yoga.


Remember, focus on your breathing.


Lift Weights


Personally lifting withouts with Cannabis is significantly more beneficial.   For example you will probably notice your energy is more effectively channeled through your muscles.


Personally, I prefer a Indica with enough head punch something like a thin leaf pheno of grand daddy purple.   However some folks prefer a more energetic buzz like that of green crack or another sativa.


However for weight training, the “zombie relaxed feeling” of grand daddy purple combined with the red eyed energetic buzz of the sativa makes for an amazing weight lifting strain.

Don’t smoke tons at a time


There is a limit as to how much thc your lungs can absorb at a time.  Using too much at a time may increase your chances of paranoia and coffee like jitters.  Avoid using excessive amounts of Cannabis at a time.


Consuming excessive amounts can be counter productive to your anxiety and stress response.


Smoke Weed and go to a Comedy Show


Haha, few things are as relaxing as laughter.  Add that to that some weed, and shhhhh your in for the time of your life.  No doubt one of the few simple pleasures in life is laughter.


Hit up a few low budget comedy shows, save the money for some smoke.  Let me tell you from experience, you will find a lot of funny comedians when you hit random comedy spots.  Simply put, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time and relax like a boss.


Don’t smoke by yourself


Before hitting up that awesome comedy show make sure you reach out to one of your stoner buddies.  It’s easy to fall into smoking by yourself.  However, don’t fall into the habit too much.  Why?


It’s depressing, it kills your vibe and weed is enjoyed way more when you have a buddy to help you get higher than giraffe nuts.


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