Fatso Strain Review, for the THC glutton! From Purple Lotus

Weighing in at 28.49 % thc and 32.12% thca, introducing FATSO!!!!

Take a milky rip of this fatso and you will swear your 250 lb high school bully sat on your chest and smacked the peach fuzz off your cheeeks and nipples. No, SERIOUSLY this strain goes!

How we met

Went into a dispensary in San Jose Ca. It’s close to work so what the hey. Dropped in.

Holy fuck!!! It was like $64 bucks for an eighth.

Dude at that point I kept it 100 with the bud tender (wish I could remember his name he was cool a.f)

“Thats expensive! Do you have any deals.”

Budtender took sympathy on my brokeness.

The bud tender happily suggested something else.

Thats when he changed my weekend for the best, he shows me 1/4 for like 74 bucks. Plus they gave me a vet discount so that brought it down a bit.

Took a gamble

Due to the situation going on he was only able to show me the buds through the plastic container.

At that point we looked at each other and came to an agreement. Haha, Reminded me of the scene in full metal jacket where Private Joker negotiated a deal for a hooker for a few bucks lol “enju enju”

Anyways excuse the randomness but this fatso got me like this.

What the fuck is fatso?

Fatso is a cross of GMO Cookies and Legends OG.


It’s a mind and body altering loud ass motha fucken weed.

This herb is so pronounced on your faCe. Low eyes, simply put its still diffcult to try and act “normal”.

FATSO gave me a speech impediment.

Dont be surprised if you find it difficult to pronounce words or get tongue twisted.

Apparently thats how things roll with this strajn.

Hows it feel.

Fatso is a long lasting strain, it feels narcotic, heady and even somewhat anxious to a certain extent if you smoke excessively.

And you will want to. Why?

Dude it feels amazing, you can zone out for so long with this strain.

Hits you in SO many places!

Head punch is there, eyes low and your eyebrows will feel heavy.

The type of strain you cant melt into your seat in a road trip (as a passenger).

Fatso was super impressive, and it was totally unexpected at that price point.

Great for explor

Great for lazy and active activities.

From outdoor exploring to yoga this strain has enough punch from its OG lineage to keep you active.

The body relaxing properties of this strain mean you can hit and hold postures.

Smells like an OG

It has that oily og petrol smell with that bitter acrid after smell characteristic of some cookie strains. Pungent!

Strain rating

Effect 4.89

Smell 4.7

Bag appeal 4.3

5 thoughts on “Fatso Strain Review, for the THC glutton! From Purple Lotus

  1. This has my laughing hysterically. Looked this up to see about the strain before I bought it and I am so glad I found this. Only a true stoner would understand 😂thank you for this

  2. Having been a stoner for almost 50 years and having arthritis, I tend to favor indicas. Having tried Fatso for the first time recently, this strain has made my top 10 list. Good pain relief, good head and body buzz, and decent price.

  3. Fatso OG is where it’s at. This is a top shelf strain with heavy Indica effects. People in Illinois love this stuff. Has Kush aroma and flavor, high THC content perfect night time medicine. Highly recommend this rare Indica hybrid.

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