Pizza Hut bong video. Employees take bong rips of weed at work

Pizza hut bong video, friggin hilarious

Here is the Hilarious viral Pizza hut bong video video.


The pizza hut bong hit video started circulating and it’s outrageous.

Pizza hut bong video
A nice milky white bong rip  See the rest of the pizza hut bong video below.

On the clock

The workers from Cypress, Ca take heavy bongs rip on the clock. Nothing got in the way of this stoner.  I don’t blame him.

If I could take bong rips on the clock I would.   Personally I think they should let them smoke as much as they want.

The weed probably enhanced their ability to bake a good pie.

Paunchy Stoner hits the Bong HARD!

Honestly this guy takes a really milky white bong rip.  Kudos to this guy I can see why he couldn’t help but record himself. LMAO.  You see the bong billowing as if it had been stuffed with dry ice.

Would you rather smell pizza? or….. WEED?

Imagine walking into pizza hut and instead of smelling the awesome smell of baked goodness….

You smell the awesome bouquet of some stanky danky.


I am sure the guys are already in trouble by now so we may as well show this to y’all.  So… without further delay.  Here is the pizza hut bong video

Pizza Hut please go easy on these guys you don’t pay em that much. Poor guys.

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