Powerful Weed Strain Reviews of 2018 – 9 lb Alpha Dog

9lb alpha dog strain review 2018

Powerful Weed, Strain Reviews 2018 – 9lb Alpha Dog

Ready to check out some of the dankest weed strain reviews of 2018?


We got you covered, here is a weed strain review for a very powerful cannabis hybrid which is sure to become big in 2018.


Lots of times it’s not even worth writing about certain strains.


Certainly refuse to write reviews for strains that fizzle out fast or feel generic a.f with no heady rush or full body relaxation.

This strain, is different and I am more than happy to take some minutes out of my day to write about this awesome cultivar.

While my preference for sativa dominant strains is obvious due to their creative, long lasting, introspective and psychadelic nature,

without a doubt a good indica or indica hybrid strain will make you feel amazing after a long bout of medicating with sativa dominant strains.


Avoid dependency and burn out:

Simply switch strains to receive the great benefits of a myriad of medicinal compounds and terpenoids.

Sometimes, you need something different to punch you in the head and hug your body all around.

Of course, the way only Mary Jane Can

Enough Jibber Jabber lets get down to the  weed strain review.


Strain: 9lb alpha dog,

Breeder: Dominatrix Genetics Grower: the homie bongrips



G13 Alpha Dog Female x shot with a wad from TGA’s 9lb Hammer.

Dominatrix Genetics states it’s sativa dominant due to the NYC Diesel in the G13 however because the sample I sampled was harvested late it was not racy nor was it a sky high, more of a very balanced high.


Growing style: Outdoor grown in soil , 25 gallons yielded approximately 8 ounces of tops and very little popcorn nugs, guanos, teas and molasses fed.



Harvested when trichomes were milky and about 10% amber darker trich’s


Noticeable plant attributes and growing notes: relatively resistant to mites, pm may be an issue if allowed to get wet as nugs become very dense.


Nug appearance- Dense, purplish buds once a bit of cold hits them.


Trichome production and bag appeal is off the charts.  Mind you the sample below came from a medicinal plant grown in California and experienced the varied weather patterns of the 2017 growing season.


9lb alpha dog strain review 2018


Smell: Plant smells like a mixture of rotten peaches and papaya while on the plant with slight hints of cough syrup, not my favorite smelling plant.  On the plant it smells highly medicinal still not a nasty smell but just not my cup of tea when it comes to smell.


Effect:  Immediate,

long lasting, complete and well balanced body high with a bit of an extra head rush in the t section of my head ” The most balanced strain I have ever tried” were the words I uttered once this amazing plant hit me.

Personal notes: hit me right in forehead and top part of my head right on top of my eyebrows after 1 small bowl including mild sedation of limbs and legs all the way  to the tips of your toes.

Like most strains obvious improvement in ability to “feel music”.

Mind you 100 mg edible doesn’t even shake me..

Eyes didn’t get too red nor does it make you heavy in the eyes like a a grand daddy purple strain.


Paranoia: none felt


Anxiety, racyness: Anxiety and heart racyness was not detected when medicated in a small beaker style water pipe up to 5 snap bowls worth with the 2nd bong rip causing feelings of being well medicated aka “at a level”


Eyes low?: no not really


Munchies? Pronounced munchies on the come down.


Potential Strain use:


Perfect strain for relaxing, of course heavy enough to provide good full body relaxation without feeling lazy sedative like some purple strains.

Use before being a passenger during long road trips, after work relaxation sessions and pain relief.

For me it’s been great weightlifting medication due to it’s ability to make you feel every muscle being targeted during exercise.


This also the type of dank you may or may not want to medicate with if your going on a airplane trip.


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