Smoke Report: Purple Punch Strain Review

a beautiful flower from the purple punch plant

Yes, it really does smell like sour

fruity punch



But to me a great way to describe the smell would be,  like berry and the “bubba smell” if you know what bubba kush smells like.


What are the genetics behind it?



Grand daddy Purple x Larry OG



For the longest time I’d always heard of purple punch however I figured it was just another gdp knock off.


A great long lasting strain: I’m

Smokin’ it now


The Larry OG in it really powers up the GDP which on its own is an already LEGENDADDY err ry  strain.


Now, some of you have asked “Is purple

punch a sativa?”


In short, no.


It’s a hybrid and it does have some larry og in it but grand daddy purple was bred with bid bud and purple urkle.


Big bud was in turned bred from skunk and afghani but that’s for another blog post.


How’s it feel tho?




Relaxing, Euphoric


Effects were long lasting for me and immediately brought about a sense of well being effectively killing depression.


This is very important for people who suffer from bouts of depression.  As long as you stay relatively active and don’t sit at home and sulk (if you are in a bad place)




Keep in mind ladies and gents, the Larry OG in it can give you a bit of anxiety if you smoke too much.


This is where it hit me


It hit my right smack in thee eyes and right above my eyebrows.. My eyes aren’t really that red or anything crazy like that, however my arms are feeling heavy yet relaxed at the same time.

Makes you want to get a back massage


Oh man this is definitely the strain to get a massage with.  Your muscles will really open up and accepts the body work.

As a matter of fact it inspired me to try a cbd cannabis massage  and yes it was all that and a bag of chips.  No doubt it relaxed me beyond belief.

It’s great for relaxing and amazing for

works outs where you just want to

zombie out


The long lasting high is perfect for such an endeavors.  You guys gotta try this strain


Strain is not to be smoked sitting down unless you want to stay that way.

However, this does not mean this strain can’t be good for active use.


Start your activity and then take a toke,

continue on with your activity. Now

zombie on


You simply have to start smoking and push through with your activity.


Also remember if you want to be active:

DO NOT binge on simple sugars while on this strain as it will make you lazy.


grinded up pp

Great strain for studying, or writing a



Interestingly enough, this strain is great for powering through a paper or writing.  In order to stay alert continue to smoke through out your session to avoid fatigue.


As the strain wears out it goes tend to want to put you to sleep.



What we recommend it for:


  • Outdoor trips
  • Swim holes
  • Depression
  • After work
  • Road trips (passenger)
  • Music!


Favorite Methods of indulging





Plant Growing Information:


Flowering time: 


7-8 weeks

This is the amount of time it will take for the plant to flower AFTER it goes through its vegetative stage (leaf growing stage).

Keep in mind,

topping, stressing and pests can increase your flower time.  For example the less your stress your plant the faster and more potent your flowers.

Typical Yield:


The exact weight pulled depends on the size of the roots and pots as well as other variables however we classify this as a moderate to heavy yielder.


How to grow it:


Pretty resistant to mites especially for such a sweet plant but you need to watch her when she’s flowering to avoid mold.

Bortritis  can happen fast so it’s imperative to keep the lower branches trimmed to allow airflow.

Make sure to monitor plant for caterpillars to avoid spreading of mold.


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