How to roll a joint, like a BOSS, with a crutch too!

weed inside a paper
Let’s face it for a cannabis newbie it can be challenging to roll a good joint. Don’t trip, with this technique you will be rolling joints faster than a run in your joint. No longer will your homies clown your lack of bars. Say goodbye to the days of buying crappy pre rolls full of who knows what type of weed. Roll em yourself like a BOSS! There will always be a learning curve but this can get you a joint rolled the FIRST TRY Not only that, if you don’t have nails to tuck the paper this technique is great.

Roll a J like a champ without long nails šŸ˜‰

What you need:

  • Papers preferably with tips, if your want a crutch (my favorite is OCB with tips included)
*For newbies – (Some joint papers come with pieces of paper specifically designed to be rolled into a little tubule which you will insert inside your joint. Once inserted said paper tubule will slowly unroll and expand to fit the size of your J. The purpose is to keep weed out of your mouth) These are referred to as tips, crutches, what do you call them in your neck of the woods? Comment below!
  • Credit card – Tuck, and shape your joint with something that is ALWAYS on you.

  • Weed – If weed isn’t legal in your state use tobacco.

  • Water or Spit – Spit is always on you lol

First of all, you will need some rolling papers.

Personally I fuck with ElementsĀ® or OCB but everyone has their preference. Don’t like profanity? You’re on the wrong page homie. Go here

ground up weed


Acquire some good, .

We’ve reviewed a few good strains for joints.

Remember bud must be well cured and dried if you expect a good joint. For example if you roll up with uncured or wet weed your joint may burn. However the J will burn black or it may go out mid smoke. For example recently I smoked some black diamond and it wasn’t cured properly. The bowl didn’t burn easily. Unfortunately had to put it in a jar and let it age and dry out a bit but it really brought out the smell and taste of the cannabis.

Now, grab a clean credit card and let’s get down to business.

Keep in mind the credit card will be used for everything from stacking the weed in the joint to tucking the joint. It may seem like using training wheels but the damn technique is so handy. It builds your tactile discernment of the paper lol IDGAF Stay with me.

weed inside a paper

Next, pour said weed into your paper

Notice how the shiny sticky part of the paper is towards the edge of the rolling tray.

The edge of the tray will help keep the material inside the paper.

Don’ have a tray?

No judgement I didn’t have a tray for a while, always using bent sheets of paper etc… No, but seriously, you really should consider getting a rolling tray. Why? They are cheap, and effective. Not only that, they will save you a lot of money on wasted bud in the long run. A good sergeant in the Army told me “If you wanna be comfortable sometimes you gotta spend a little bit of your own money” Funny how random ass shit sticks to your mind even decades later. They are like , 10-20 bucks and we will be selling ’em here soon.

Now gently pack the material down with the card.

Pack it down but not too tight, remember if you pack it too tight it wont burn. hand close the paper

Close the paper

Start tucking the paper into the opposite side

Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect you will use the card to do most of the work.

Inset card into the paper cuff, and gently tuck the paper

You can gently slide the card forward while tucking to start giving the joint shape. Do not over tighten or your paper plane wont hit. tucking in and about to seal


remove the card and hold the paper together

You are almost ready to start sealing it.

Wet the shiny sticky part with wet sponge or lick it.

gliding finger across to seal it

Seal the joint.

Notice my finger is gliding along the top of the seal in order to seal properly. Alternatively, you can also seal the whole flap in one go, however this is more difficult becausee if it doesn’t all make contact with the paper at the same time you will fuck things up. It’s your choice it’s no big deal just takes a bit more patience and care that’s all. Do what’s right for you I have stubby fat fingers so this is what works for me.

a crutch

Now, time for the crutch

First, eyeball the size of the hole on your joint. Next, take the paper tips that came with your joints and roll them like in the picture above. Ok now to the next step

Take the rolled up crutch and insert into the joint.

Let the crutch expand while inside, Next you are ready for the accordion piece of paper to go inside.

crutch folding

Fold another piece of paper accordion style, it should fit inside your joint

crutch w

Once folded prepare to put it inside.

You should be able to feel some springy ness to it, once inside the joint it will expand consequently keeping it in place. crutch is in

Slide the W into the crutch, let it expand inside.

Now, for the final steps

packing a j

Pack it

Take a stick, screwdriver, aux cord end or other tool and pack the end of the j. Not too tight, remember. If it looks tight it probably is. twist and you are ready

Now take the end of the paper and twist and you are all done

Alright fellas thanks for staying with me on this little tutorial for the new guys out there and also for those who simple just never could roll with just their fingers.

However, if you didn’t master it on the first try

You can always try cones,

Or if you weed isn’t legal in your state you can always try Vaping lol

Personally I don’t know much about that kinda stuff but try guys they have a bunch of reviews about different

Please share me on facebook and with all your friends., peace and stay up!


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