Smoke Report Grease Monkey Strain Review Cerebral and Relaxing

When my homie let me know he had grease monkey on deck,

immediately I knew I had to endulge.

How the grease monkey was smoked?

  • In a bong
  • Small snaps ripped to completion
  • 3 snaps in a wake and bake session

Looks and Smell

grease monkey strain picture


As far as nugs go the looks reminds me of ak47.

Smallish nugs. However the buds are intertwined with purple and greens.


Lemon zest smell and earthy smell with skunky stank and some and chocolate undertones

Very pungent smell and definitely not the type of dank that is discreet at all.

This stuff is loud (if grown properly of course)

What’s in it?
Grease Monkey Lineage

gg#4 x cookies and cream

You could say that it’s 2 iconic Californian strains coming together to create a fire strain.

Gorilla glue is bagseed from so cal and of course we all know cookies comes from the bay.

How’s it feel tho?

Depends on the trichs bruh

Listen, it always important to note trichome maturity when plant harvest has a lot to do with how the strain feels.

I’m not sure how cloudy or amber the trichs were when this was harvested but I’d say this particular bud of grease monkey was leaning towards its gg4 lineage.

Probably harvested when trich’s were more clear as the head high is definitely there and very powerful.

The first hit made the top of my head pulsate

Seriously the first hit made like waves of energy congregate in a halo effect and blast up. Hard to explain, anyways

it’s good dank that will make you feel creative energetic, happy, mellow all at the same time.

Head high with body high as well

Heavy body relaxation effects but interestingly enough gave me quite a head punch including a feeling of multiple halos over my head.

Stress free and relaxing the indica in this strain definitely dulled the paranoia of the gg4.

Where does it hit?

Top of head, a bit on the eyes. Eyes don’t feel too low but my face feels affected lol

Limbs feel nice and energetic not a very lazy strain in my opinion.

Strain good for:

Wake and bake

to get your day going has enough punch to get you going all while having enough zombie mode to feel chill af while you go through your day.

Road trips

must be a blast on this strain because it has enough sativa to inspire great conversations while enough of the typical indica traits of body relaxation and ability to zone out your muscles

basically melting into your car seat lol.


Going to the gym on this strain is good because it is energetic enough while also being able to really feel the weight as you push through your session.


Energetic enough to make you want to dance and feel the music. Personally I’m stuck to the belief that weed can help you with a bad case of left feet.

No, it won’t make you dance better off top however you will be able to calm your brain enough to hear the beats .

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