Smoke Report: Black Diamond Strain Review, A heavy indica

black diamond strain report

A loud indica strain that will put you to sleep, homie


The smell is pungent and strong


This dank smells similar to cookies with piney, floral notes

Hints of the inside of a cardboard cookie box are very pronounced.  Earthy and very very loud.  Earthy smell  are accompanied by very very slight hints of cherry and vanilla with a thick smooth skunky smell finish.


What’s it like smoked through a water pipe


As I took the first rip it was immediately clear the whole tube I would not clear.


Yeah yeah yeah don’t want to hear it lol


However, as soon as I exhaled I choked harder than a mo fucka, the smoke was too thick and the dank was simply too strong.  Look at the pictures, it’s the same stuff were writing about here.


And of course what do I do? The usual, bolt out the room to get some fresh air and enjoy the high,

One thing you will notice about this strain is the exhale is very very smooth yet filling and buttery.


purple punch genetics

What are the genetics behind  black diamond?



Blackberry X  Diamond OG




A great indica with intense body sedation properties



Hows it feel tho?



Sedating  , Clear Minded, Tired eyes, Heavy Limbs

Effects were pronounced with feeling of heavy body relaxation. Surprisingly my eyes got somewhat red.  On a scale of one to 10 I’d say a 5

Eyes were definitely affected because I had some bags under my eyes but nothing bad or noticeable even after 3 nice sized hits from the water pipe.


It’s got that lazy feeling


Make sure you don’t eat simple carbs with this strain unless you want to KNOCK OUT!   


Obviously if you stay at home in bed or on the couch you will have a tendency to want to fall asleep.

By the third hit my ears rang

No joke after the third hit my ears had that ringing sound.

Haha it was great but to be honest this isn’t the best writing strain.


My fingers feel a bit sedated and sluggish.  Indeed im high a.f right now so this strain definitely does it’s job.


A bit surprised by this strain


Usually strains which smell similar to gsc, cookie strains don’t necessarily intrigue me (blue cookies is a big exception).


Not because I’m not a cookie fan but more so because it’s so prevalent in the bay area it’s imperative to rotate your strains in order to avoid burn out.


This is where it hit me


The effect was pronounced throughout the body with pain relieving properties being pretty damn legit cause I feel numb a.f right now.


As in,   I’m more worried about wanting to  write this article and let you guys know about this top grade bud than any sort of bump or bruise from my job hauling garbage and junk scrap.


Also note, I got this heavy feeling on the crown of my head almost like a halo effect in addition to heavy feeling arms.


I’m sure if you smoke this bud you will either want to want a shit ton of television, sleep or read something super mentally stimulating while willingly skipping through a shit ton of it


and you WILL be ok with that.


Yes it’s one o those feel gooder than a mofucka strains where everything is gonna be all good cause it ain’t giving you shit for paranoia


and we all know that’s allll goood.  

However will get you tired if you sit around


It’s great for relaxing and amazing for works outs where you are ok taking it easy.


You know you will get there and there is no need to race through your work out.

If that is what you are looking for then definitely indulge in this most palatable strain


Also remember if you want to be active:


SIMPLE SUGARS will make you lazier than a sloth on this strain.  Candy, bread, etc,, Burritos, Tacos, 



Great strain for meditation


One of the great things noted about this strain is it’s lack of paranoia or raciness.

Very few unpleasant thoughts or worries.  Let be honest if you have smoked wild ass sativas you know exactly what I’m talking about.

As the strain wears out it goes tend to want to put you to sleep.  Again, if you want to avoid this you need to stay active.  Go out into the woods or something.


Have insomnia? This is the strain for you.


Take a few tokes of this, eat some food , enjoy your favorite tv show, book or other mentally stimulating activity.


Prepare to be rocked to sleep by motha cannabis.




What we recommend it for:


  • Outdoor trips


  • Meditation


  • Depression


  • After work Relaxation
  • Socializing


  • Road trips (passenger)


  • Music!


  • Yoga


  • Sleep


  • Heartbreak (very little paranoia)

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