Grand Daddy Purple Strain , aka GDP an old school legend

grand daddy purple strain
Grand daddy purple strain
Grand daddy purps is an old school favorite

Whats is it?

Gdp is a cross of purple urkle and big bud it was created by ken estes and became a San Francisco Bay area favorite and the catalyst for the now revered bay area flavor strains.

Real purple has compact almost round grape like buds which were affectionately known as “grapes”

Smells fruity and sweet

Sweet notes of grape berry goodness accompany every exhale especially in a vaporizer.

Hows it feel tho?

Calming, relaxing and like you want to lay down and get really warm with a nice warm blanket.

Although it is an indica the kens cut tends to have skinnier leaves which gives this strain a nice calming high but without it being sleepy and providing mind altering euphoric effects