Oreo Cookie Strain is mind numbing

What is in the Oreo Cookie strain ?

Oreo cookies is Cookies & Cream and Sunset Sherbet

Two world classs strains mixed together, create a mind numbing and time losing strain sure to rock your dome. 🧠👽

What’s it look like?

Bright Green, not dark. However it’s Encrusted with trichomes.

Yes! The. Right Orange hairs contrast nicely with the bright flower.

Its important for me to tell you upfront!

This weed is top notch (when grown properly) as a matter of fact its so fire, when you go to break up your weed you are in for a treat.


Chewy, when broken by hand.

The nugs break apart easily, yet with some give, almost reminiscent of chewy bubble gum.

In other words the buds are leggy leaving trails of broken trichomes falling about when broken down by hand.

This of course due to the amount of trichomes stretching and being damaged as you break the bud apart.

How it was smoked?

In a medium beaker bong, small snaps at a time. No percolator.

The small snap bowl allows the flower to be enjoyed in one pull without having to relight.

What’s the effect feel like tho?

Dude lets keep it a thousand, this is exactly what you need when you are burned out on heavy indicas or dark weed.

As soon as this weed was shown to me.

Immediately, it came to mind as the perfect plateau buster. Why? Lol cause it was hecka green. The sativa genetics are the perfect change if you have been smoking neavy indicas or even hybrids.

The plateau occured after smoking too many indica leaning hybrids.

It was all dank weed, but too similar so it was without question.

A new terpene profile was in order. Time for the good ol rotation!

Mind zapping, mind numbing, time elapsing.

Thats how this bad ass strain felt. Once you indulge in this strain you too will immediately notice a lack of responsiveness. Youll be zoned out in your own land.

The type of dank where folks try and get your attention but you feel too stupid dumb retarded to talk much. Oh yes it will happen to you.

Creative, euphoric, calming

It’s not that this strain isn’t cerebral, not at all.

As a matter of fact this strain is so heady it will make you zone out and contemplate life.

All this without much anxiety, racyness or paranoia. Also no cotton mouth.

Enhanced visuals and light sensitivity.

The thing about this strain is visuals are highly enhanced and this strain seemed to give me more ligh sensitivity than most strains.

This sensitivity to light is probably perfect if you’re an artist give this great strain a try.

Activities on this weed

Great beach time dank

Fuck, as im sitting here stoned a.f I’d like nothing more than to be in some tropical place with a boogie board.

And to be honest with you im certain you will agree.

This weed is loud and will make you zone out but it would be good a.f to do some activities on.

Don’t be out doing dangerous stuff on cannabis ok this is your disclaimer.

This is just what Im fantasizing about while im high a.f on this mind numbing heavy eyed strain.

As followers of the blog know, personally I’m really fond of the heavy eyed feeling gifted to us by some danks.

  😂 and this strain has that heavy eyed feeling but without the sleepyness.

Great for sitting in a coffee shop zoned out a.f concentrating on your work.

The type of strain you can get high a.f on and pull through with some creative shit for your project.

Or if you feel like you just wanna read and really get into the the whole thing. This your huckleberry