Mac 1 Strain aka Miracle Alien Cookies, will send you on a TRIP

Wtf is the MAC strain?

The mac is short for miracle alien cookies.

It’s a cross of Miracle Cookies and a cross of a

Columbian and the Starfighter strain.

It produces a well balanced high.

What’s it feel like tho?

Spacey, distracted and the type of marijuana that loses you in your mind to your ideas.

Heavy red eyes which feels fucken great.

Weed ashtray

Not gonna lie, didnt do shit interesting this time just smoked it and listened to music

Just sitting here listening to some jstalin this strain permeates the body sneaking in feelings of spaceyness

and holy fuck i’m lost in my own thoughts type of feelings.

Make sense? No yes?

Who care the shits fire a.f. Haha if you follow the blog you know I’ve said that about a few other strains.

Happy, relaxed spacey!

However, the BIG DIFFERENCE is how this seems to bring great feelings of joy.

For example earlier I caught tweaker rummaging through my yard at work.

It pissed me off because he was stealing.But now fuck it mr tweaker, hope you discover the ganja.It’s just that type of strain.

And for those who say no such strains exist…. I dunno I’ve smoked some sativas that have put me in a dark place but enough of that!

Thick, tasty smoke

The smoke is actually tasty and one thing I noticed is it was difficult to clear the bong.

And it wasn’t because the smoke was acrid.

It’s just potent marijuana! Fuck w it.

Unless you get some poorly grown factory weed you will LOVE the MAC, if not comment below and let’s fight 😂

Miracle alien cookies is sparkled in trichomes

Peep for yourself!

The color is definitely there. Of course with a mixture of purples and light greens its visually appealing a.f.

As if that that enough theres a very generous frosting of what appears to be sugar colored crystals all over the buds.

Don’t forget on order to get the most thc out of your bud always use a grinder for smoothest and strongest rips.

Great ways to smoke the MAC 1 Strain

A good joint, personally my favorite are Elements or OCB flaxseed. The flaxseed burns to a white ash and is by far the least papery tasting papers.

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