Wedding Pie Strain Review

Do you like calm chill strains?

Wedding Pie an introspective heavily soothing terpene cocktail. First of all let’s just start by saying this.

No paranoia

If you like chill strains without racyness or paranoia this is one you need to try. Got that add? Try this man, it puts you. In a good non paranoia filled zone.

What’s In Wedding Pie?

Wedding Pie is an indica-dominant cross of Wedding Cake and Grape pie.

Hows it feel tho?:

A relaxing and flavorful smoke which will put you in a lazy but functional state a great all day strain may I add.

Great all day smoke

Whats that mean? You can smoke it throughout the day without getting sleepy. The high was relatively long lasting and is perfect for gym or even the movies. Head punch is still there along with a sense of creativity. Sititing here lazily on the Northern California coast its immediately apparent.

Activities on the pie

Perfect for the Beach  or lake.

Smoke this strain on the beach. Why? Simply put it will put you in a lazy but content stupor. Your upper brow area will feel activated . But not only that, the orbits around the eyes feel heavy and a bit lazy. The serene and constant serenade of the breaking waves will soothe your soul. Surely music can do the same with this strain. Something tells me this wedding pie is hard to hide, especially if you have never smoked it. Be cautious or you may just make yourself out to be a tongue twisted fool if you try and socialize.

Creative enough to create.

Make no mistake, it’s active enough with enough punch to allow you read a book or write an article for our platform lol. Great for making music or creating other things. To be continued….