Rainbow Runtz Strain, Long Lasting, Exemplary Bag Appeal

Madness, the runtz craze is taking America by storm but recently a buddy of mine put me on to rainbow runtz.

Shit had me spaced out with eyes low for a minute.

To be honest it was surprising, it had been a minute since I’ve had a nice low eye long lasting bud.

This thing had legs yet it was still spacey non racy and just overall a pleasant ass strain.

What is Rainbow Runtz?

It’s a cross of Runtz and Rainbow Sherbert. Personally the Rainbow Runtz is more memorable to me than the Runtz strain but that’s just me, aight.

Everyone is different when it comes to bud, sometimes what hits one person well is different for another person.

Hows it feel tho?

Hold on, let me take a few more snaps and ill tell you….

In the meantime check it out, up close

The Smell

It took me a min to nail down the smell of this, its got a mix of pinesol smell and inside of a cookie cardboard box.

There are other smells in there but right now it’s hard to discern since I keep smelling it and at this point my nose is just overwhelmed.


Feel free to chime in on the smell profile PLEASE! Comment!

The Outcome, Of the Snaps

How it was smoked

Clean beaker bong with no percolator or ashcatcher. (broke it, but ashcatchers kick ass)

But was ground up and combusted with hemp wick.

This how it feels tho?

Narcotic, heavy headed eyes low. It’s funny because earlier I was smoking this strain.

My eyes felt low at the time however when I first started smoking in order to write this article I was like wtf!

This is lame! my eyes aren’t feeling heavy at all. I’ts clear headed a.f. Is what I thought to myself in utter disappointment.

2 more snaps, eyes are feeling heavy and this underground bay area rap music is feeling therapeutic. Mofucka snuck up on me, but currently feeling good.

Enjoyable shit to do on this strain

Of course this strain is great for zoning out to music.

However it’s difficult not to imagine rolling this in a fat ‘wood (cannabis purists dont shoot me)

Taking a last minute flight to Vegas and zone out, zombie out to the whole experience.

Or hit up your most spontaneous friend and have him take you on a road trip while you rehash your life with your good friend.

This is that type of strain, long legged long lasting and has a certain chill narcotic type of feel to it.

Well balanced heavy eye’d strain great for enjoying your favorite vice. (not talking about anything illegal here!)

Because this strain is introspective, heavy headed and enjoyable it can be easy to stay indoors and veg out or listen to music.

It’s simply the type of strain where you can easily entertain yourself.

But where it really shines is in it’s ability to space you out while you enjoy a lot of the things you enjoy doing outdoors.

For example, right off the bat I can tell you this is a great hot spring strain. If you enjoy going to natural hot springs or hot tubbing (them nasty chemicals tho) 🙁 then this is the type of strain you need.

Massages are great on this strain as it zones you out perfectly, the MENTAL CLUTTER IS GONE!

Thoughts are more organized than normal which is kinda funny in a way.

Alright mofuckas, I mean fellow BongRippers here is the score.

Final Rating:

Effects: 4.8

Smell: 4.3

Bag Appeal: 4.8 While it’s not the frostiest (relative) the combinbation of orange hairs and ability to purple up throughout the nug gives this strain amazing bag appeal.

Total Rating: 4.6

Notes: Very enjoyable strain, (would smoke again)

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