GRAY WHALE COVE NUDE BEACH- Get Stoned, naked, watch the sunset, get murdered…

So this beach has tolerated nakedness for decades.

Back in the 60s it operated as a beach with a fee, apparently it was leased to people who sold food drinks and overall it was a very happening and dope spot to hang out

The right side (north)is the nude side of this beach.

This beach is located between the cities of pacifica and Montara Ca.

If you are coming from Montara after you pass mr pickles you will see a parking lot on the right hand side. You will have to cross the road.

Once you see this view you will follow the trail and go down a lot of stairs!

Murder in the parking lot

About 2 years ago they found someones dead body in the parking lot. I suspect this was part of a serial killer or something like that but be cautious as cellphone reception is very spotty.

Where to smoke

Be aware most of the beach is not clothing optional and especially the south side. Obvisouly there are families around and as such some get offended with dank smoke.

It’s for this reason smoking dank is probably the best on the north side where the nudies wont hassle you for your medicinal pastime.

Etiquette, don’t trash the beach

Most of the nudists are usually very good about keeping the beach clean however lots of tourists and newcomers simply leave their trash and its disgusting. Don’t be that guy. Yes if you are out of shape the stairs up can be challenging but if you are that out of shape simply dont bring that much shit.