LA CAKE KUSH Strain Review – Rookies Be Cautious!

La Cake Kush will fuck you up!

Bro, after trying this strain I almost greened out. Yup that weird nauseous feeling creeped over me.

Woops over medicated, luckily it dissipated into some very spacey cerebral and goofy dank.

What is it?

A spacey mixture of gg#4 and la kush make for a wildly cerebral strain

Gg#4 is bagseed and la kush is said to be a phenotype of abusive og.

Hows it feel though?

Spacey, disorienting, clear eyed

Personally, it was shocking to not get red eyes or low eyes with such a bright green looking strain.

The high was spacey, giggley, goofy and all this without much of paranoia.

How it was smoked

In a bubbler hand pipe, in front of the ocean. Three bowls were enough to space me tf out.

Nice rips of la cake kush were achieved using hemp string to get the flame right on the bud.

Total score

  • Smell – 5
  • Bag appeal – 4.7
  • Effect 4.7


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