Sour Diesel Strain, a New York Favorite

Sour diesel a speedy original

Many know it as sour, or sour d , sour diesel is a pungent diesel fuel smelling strain that is sure to put you in a happy euphoric mood.

What’s in it?

Exact lineage is not known but its thought to be a cross of chemdawg 91 and DNL. Truth is who the f knows, this is an old school strain so everything was kept on the under in those days.

THC is in it at levels of around 20 to 25% if grown properly.

Stinks very loud

This strain is in no way discreet as the loud fuel skunk smell is enough to alert anyone as to the presence of said bud.

A blend of petroleum diesel and , skunk and citrus makes for an interesting combination.

Dark, thick acrid smoke

Burning said concoction of terpenes will produce loud smelling and acrid smoke, sure to choke even the most experienced of bud smokers.

Yes the smoke isn’t the “smoothest”.

One thing to note, after jar curing some organically grown sour. It was rolled into a element joint and the smoke produced was thick and harsh.

What’s it feel like tho?

Focused energetic and this strain will hit you in the eyes so have your clear eyes ready. Although quite an energetic strain this strain can leave you feeling tired towards the end.

In order to take advantage of sour d’s great energetic properties one must continue to inhale the thick fuelly smoke throughout the smoke session.

A focused energetic strain New Yorkers love.

Folks always talk about how New Yorkers are always on the go.

Well it’s no wonder New Yorkers love sour diesel.

As a matter of fact sour diesel is great for being on the go, until the effects wear off and you get tired a.f. to avoid such an issue keep smoking.

Easy to Grow and Good Yielder

Due to its sativa lineage this plant goes about 10 to 12 weeks flowering time.

Great for growing without topping

Produces heavy amounts also produces large colas unless you top the plant.

Resists mold and did pretty well against spider mites and caterpillars.

Strain is a beast and will yield large colas when grown with the proper nutrients.