Introducing, Gelato 41 Strain, a review, Well Balanced yet Heady

gelato 41 strain

Lots of great things have been said about Gelato 41 so of course it really needed a smoke report.

What’s in this strain?

A mixture of sunset sherbert and thin mint cookies creates this delicious cannabis strain.

What gelato 41 smell like?

Smells sweet with piney notes. Very pungent with a blanketed but very faint lavender smell throughout the bud.

This is how we smoked it

Ground up in our ceramic coated grinder, since the grinder was kinda sticky it fluffed up the buds real nice instead of giving them more of a chop.

3 snap bowls in a medium sized beaker bong.

Ima be honest huge bongrips are hard for me to handle with marijuana of this caliber. It’s why instead of choosing a big bowl, if you are rippin’ solo its good to use a small snap bowl. Keeps high caliber cannabis waste to a minimum.

The exhales were sweet and not acrid or intolerable. Smoke was also slightly creamy. A very exotic strain which would pair perfect with a a lake side picnic with your special someone. Great beach strain as its heady enough with some body relaxation benefits.

This is what happened and how it felt

Dude, ripped this strain and right away knew that it wasn’t all hype. Now lemme be real unfortunately cookie strains tend to give me lots of tolerance.

Not throwing shade but the great genetics have been bred into so many strain it ends up showing up in many of the new strains.

Well with this strain it took me to a whole new level.

Smoked this shit without anyone else around and still it was pleasant as fuck. OF course we get more high when were around other people sharing the weed and good conversation.

But with this strain, hit the youtube played some chill hop music and just started writing this report and zoning out.

At 3 rips my eyes felt low

Eyes are definitely feeling the effect at 3 rips and ima be honest ima do another one just for yall.

One the 4th rip things got spacey and started zoning out and doing other things and completely forgot about writing this article

But obviously here I am telling you more about this dope ass strain from the cookie family.

At 4 rips my eyes don’t really feel low but my head feels heavy at times but when I move it it feels floaty. Very trippy feeling.

The head high feeling subsided into a pleasant body high.

No racyness very calming

One of the great signs of a well bred strain is a strain with punch but without the racyness.

This strain has head punch, body sedation and lacks racyness or fucked up thoughts. Totally dank!

Literally no anxious feeling or anything not saying it wont happen to you but for me im totally chill of this strain.