Citrus Dream Strain Review by Autumn Brands

Citrus Dream strain

What is it? Something I picked up at a local collective on my way to the cool beach.

Not sure if its their own strain or what because a google search rendered zero information on the lineage.

They do state its a sativa, it must be some sort of blue dream cross is what one can infer.

Whats it feel like tho.

Like mediocre marijuana did get slightly stoney low eyes but to be honest with you its what I expected.

I’ve had much better home grown. Granted the expectations were not super high but still overall it was just ok.

Whats it look like?

It was a pre roll. It was a decent size and the tree had that outdoor look.

How did it smoke?

Ok this is where this marijuana excelled.

The burn was very clean which was surprising considering the smell didnt indicate a top notch cure.

Still the weed burned clean and the ashes were white.

The smoke was very smooth and didnt taste like ass. Surprising , but yall see how I rate all these top notch strains and well grown dank.

This dank just didn’t cut the mustard. If youre a rookie on a budget look no further.


Smell 3.5

Look 3.5