Red Congolese Strain, a creative uplifting landrace

What is it?

A landrace

Its an african sativa which has been crossed with a mexican landrace.

A cross of African landrace and Mexican landrace

A land race is a plant indigenous to the area which has been crossing with itself for ages.

What’s it smell like?

Biodiesel, spice,

A spicy petroleum citrus smell accompanies these beautiful buds.

The smell reminds me of a cut of lambs bread I grew out

Has the same smell profile.

How does the congolese feel?

Long lasting, heady, creative

An uplifting smoke which is sure to hit you high on the brows.

Gives you just enough energy but this particular cultivar does not feel racey or paranoia filled.

Great clear headed smoke but ill keep smoking.

It smoked well

Burn was good

Burned well in a water bong and the smoke was not as thick as I would have liked.

Remember this strain has a bit of afghani. Had jt been a 100% pute sativa the buds would be waaay more airy and im certain the paranoia would be there.

Cure was not on point

To be honest I paid 60 bucks for this 1/8th of hard to find landrace and the cure was not there. Did not expect poorly cured cannabis at that price point.

Exhaled a hay smell

The hay smell on exhale was apparent immediately and it doesn’t take a connoiseur to realize that someone fucked up the cure 😂