Cereal Milk Strain Smells like Captain Crunch Milk

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Cereal Milk, so loud people wont believe the smell is natural.

It smells fake! is what people have said. What kinda chemicals do they use? People ask,

Fortunately it isn’t chemicals but the most amazing terpene profile.

Simply put, cereal milk smells like the best desert cannabis ever bred.

Sure strains like mimosa and tangie hVe awesome smell profiles but this one smells like a desert.

It smells so good make you wanna slap yo mama.

What’s in it?

Cereal milk is a cross of the Y and Snowman.

What’s it smell like

Straight up creamy fruity pebbles left over milk with marinated strawberries in it.

The creamy sweet strawberry smell is unmistakably there.

If it’s not,

you got played.

This is a close up.

Simply bash your pipe or bowl on the center!

This is how it feels tho.

Upon the first hit felt immediate feelings of numbness by the mid dome.

Body sedation is not as apparent with this strain.


The head high is definitely more pronounced than the body high that’s for sure.

Limbs are still completely light. So heaviness of limbs is not pronounced. Ima be honest this would be a great dancing strain.

Why? Cause the legs and arms are feeling nimble. No heaviness or laziness.


Feelings of disorientation are very pronounced.

Keep in mind , if you are going on a hike you can definitely get lost. ??

Eyes low

This strain gets your eyes feeling low.

The sativa influence is definitely there which makes me think theres some landrace genetics pumping this strain up! Great legs and long lasting!

It hit from the heart to the head

Now that its hit me for awhile the feeling of slight richness and anxiety in the arms is there.

Dont despair this simply means an outdoor activity is in order.

Great for the outdoors

As a matter of fact I feel like getting the fuck out the crib.

This strain has enough headedness and energy to get your ass off the couch and on to a bicycle

Not saying its racy but its racy enough.

Total score

  • Smell – 5
  • Bag appeal – 4.7
  • Effect 4.7

Total score


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