Flavorful AF! Mimosa Strain Review, Great for a Comedy Show

mimosa strain on top of bongrips grinder

Exotic, strain and FLAVORFUL

Ever tried purple punch and tangie ? Obviously if you have, then you know they are amazingly flavorful strains.

Flavorful yet strong enough to make those eyes droop a tad to say the least.

Of the exotic strains that are picking up steam in the bay area i’d like to say this is one of my top 5 as far as flavor and effects go.

Mimosa Strain Tastes like berry, with tangerine notes

Mimosa strain is similar in taste to purple punch with sour, berry smells with a hint and after taste of tangerine rind.

Taste Profile

  • Berry, Punch
  • Tangerine Rind
  • Creamy

Hows the Strain actually feel tho?

Effects? Spacey, Giggly,


Mimosa strain is one of those exotic strains that doesn’t just smell good and strong. Surprise surprise it actually has good effects which accompany some of the best smell profiles in the business.

For example, the first time I tried the mimosa strain, it was in a blunt (don’t yell at me) which was kinda like doing this strain an injustice.

Although the blunt was thin and most of the tobacco removed there was zero doubt in my mind.

Once home the first order of business would be to clean the bong, grind up some mimosa strain, and take a few snaps in the ol’ US Tube.

Effects felt upon indulging in a 3 snaps of these amazing strain.
Mimosa strain PERFECT to smoke when going to a comedy show.

Obviously mentioned before mimosa strain is really good for a few laughs. Obviously this is going to depend on your bodies chemistry but did notice the giggles something which is rarely in cannabis strains.

Having indulged and grown Tangie, It’s safe to say she is responsible for giving this strain a bit more punch.

Other Recommended Activities:

  • Socializing
  • Beach Walks
  • Smoking with a homie
  • Talking

Overall Strain Score:


Taste: 5

Smell: 5

Effects: 4.7

Bag Appeal: 5

Total Score 4.92

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2 thoughts on “Flavorful AF! Mimosa Strain Review, Great for a Comedy Show

  1. Mimosa is a cross bred by Symbiotic Genetics of Clementine (Tangie x Lemon Skunk), bred by Crocket Family Farms (who also bred the Tangie), and Symbiotic’s Purple Punch F2 stud they’ve used for all their crosses.

    Their Orangeade is (Tangie x Purple Punch F2). Both are excellent, but there is something really special about the Mimosa. Symbiotic Genetics have bred at least 10 pretty incredible cultivars with that Purple Punch F2 stud. Just wanted to clarify for you.

    Their Wedding Crasher, Punch Breath (Mendobreath x Purple Punch F2), Cherry Punch (Cherry AK47 x Purple Punch F2), Purple Starburst, Banana Punch (Banana OG x Purple Punch F2), Dosi Punch, Big Block (Motorbreath #15 x Purple Punch F2), Snickerdoodle (Cookies and Cream x Purple Punch F2), and Modified Grapes (GMO x Purple Punch F2) are all outstanding cultivars, with several excellent phenotypes within the gene pool of each cultivar, thanks mostly to the F2 generation, and consistently proven genetics of their male stud plant, which they have yet to deviate from using to pollinate the mothers in any of their crosses.

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