London Pound Cake Strain Review, heavy indica alert

As we speak I’m hungry a.f and tired from work.


I’m here sitting with a huge 5 gram nug of london pound cake and I’m about to hit it and tell you what it feels like.

Off we go.


Lemon zest, pine and cardboard box hints. (you know that inside of the cookie box cardboard smell that is synonymous with the gsc strain)

Looks: large very dense buds with hues of color and dark orange hairs.


How does london pound cake feel when



Very very relaxing and heavy.

Immediately after the first snap of the the feeling was apparent on the top of my eyebrows and top front of my head.

Of course a a bit of numbing throughout the body was noticeable.
Hard to get stuff done, it was very heavy

So weed is different for everyone however this strain was especially lazy for me.

Getting stuff done was difficult but if you want to lay on the beach be lazy or even reflect on life this is your go to right here.

Especially suggested because due to its indica nature the paranoia or negative thinking was absent.

Instead you are left with a strain that is remarkably relaxing has great stress relieving properties and not as racy .

(This is not medical advice simply testimony)
Dreamy and sleepy

The type of strain where you may end up daydreaming. Obviously this is exactly what just happened to me… Zoned out for about 20 minutes.

Now time to take another RIP or two.

Thanks for reading guys here is a good all around rating.
Strain rating:

Effect: 4.7

Smell: 4.2

Bag Appeal 4.2

Total rating 4.36


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